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The chefs at Jiazhen are experts in preparing bluefin tuna. Every year, we select the best bluefin tunas from our exclusive vendors. When it is season, vendors will select only those that are perfect in texture, fat content and freshness for delivering it to Jiazhen in the shortest time possible.

With over 30 years of experience in fishing, the owner of the restaurant can pick out the best of the best with his eagle-eyes. The tuna selected by this bluefin tuna expert are guaranteed to elevate local and foreign gourmets alike to a legendary heaven-on-earth experience.


Jiazhen only uses the best swordfish that can be found in the market. We never hesitate to buy at a higher cost in exchange for the smile on our customers’ faces when they taste the melting texture of fresh swordfish.


The juicy roe and sweet meat of the Virgin Mud Crabs makes them a strong competitor of Hairy Crabs. Jiazhen only uses Virgin Mud Crabs carefully selected by vendors. Mud Crabs must be harvested when changing shells, because they contain the juiciest and tastiest roe at this time. Soft Shell Crabs are also referred to as "double shell crabs." Due to their small volume and rareness, vendors only know how much is in supply when the fishermen return to shore in the morning. These crabs are so rare that it is not uncommon to only find 5 or 6 of them.


Shrimp-catching boats usually leave in the evening and return at 7 in the morning. Vendors usually pick the best catches for Jiazhen before sending the rest to the Huaciao market. Sweet shrimps are not an everyday catch though. If weather conditions are not suitable for the boats to leave port, customers will have to wait for the chance to try this delicacy another day.


Living in the sandy area deep under the sea, the eyes of the hagfish are very weak. That is why it is also referred to as the "blind eel." Hagfish usually live near the Dongsha Islands. The hagfish from that area are especially chewy and crunchy in texture, which also is how they earned the nicknamed "dragon tendon." Whenever gourmets come to the restaurant, they are always pleasantly surprised to find out that we use hagfish from Taitung or the waters off the shores of Hainan Island.


The sergestid shrimp used at Jiazhen is not the ordinary sergestid shrimp that you find drying on the streets of Donggang, rather it is purchased from Donggang’s Sergestid Shrimp Master, Chun-cao Chen. Master Chen goes to the Sergestid Shrimp auction site himself and makes his choices before sending them to the processing plant. After selecting, roasting and various other preparations, the perfect sergestid shrimp is ready to be transformed into delicious dishes. The shrimp’s good quality can be tasted right away and its fragrance is unmistakable. To allow customers to taste the essence of the sergestid shrimp, Jiazhen puts it in a simple fried rice dish that has become one of its signature dishes.


"Chef! Can I have some That Fish?" When visitors first come to Donggang and hear somebody place an order like that, they usually find themselves a bit confused. In fact, "That Fish" is a Donggang specialty. It is actually the name Donggang locals give to snakefish. "That Fish" shows up off the shores of Donggang all year round and survives on sergestid shrimps.

Fishermen in Donggang usually cook them with bean sprouts, and some locals even put them in instant noodles. The texture is like marshmallow. Once in your mouth, it melts down, giving a fresh and sweet taste. When the weather is good, they are almost a daily dish in Donggang’s kitchens.